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Studio Policy



By registering with Triple Arts Academy's Music program(s) , you are committing to either the Full Session (September to February/ February to June). With the exception of 6 & 8-WEEK PROGRAMS, SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS and DAY CAMPS. In these cases, program fees must be paid in full. 


SESSION 1: September 12, 2022 to February 12, 2023

SESSION 2: February 13, 2023 to June 18, 2023


MUSIC STUDENTS must commit till the end of the session dates. If withdrawing from classes before the end of the session, the remainder of the full session fees will become due. 

ii. KARATE & DANCE PROGRAMS (GROUP LESSONS) are monthly with a 30-day e-mail notice to discontinue otherwise the upcoming monthly fee will be debited. 

2.. Triple Arts Inc. requires enrolment in AutoPay for monthly fees, unless paying in full. Payment can be made by credit or debit card Visa/Mastercard but are subject to a 2.75% transaction fee. 

i. 6 & 8-WEEK PROGRAMS, SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS, DAY CAMPS and EVENTS program fees must be paid in FULL. 

3. All class monthly fees are scheduled on the 1st or the 15th of the month in the form of AutoPay through DSP Merchant Services. 

4. If the full amount of the tuition is not paid on the scheduled day of each month through the AutoPay, a 5% late fee is applied and the total session amount is due immediately.

5. If you are changing a GROUP KARTE and/or DANCE class membership type for the next month, a 30-day notice MUST be submitted via e-mail before the next scheduled fee withdrawal. MUSIC STUDENTS who wish to change class membership type for the next month MUST give a 30-day e-mail notice before the next schedule fee withdrawal. 

6. TUITION is non-refundable. 

7. If the payment information on file is not available (expired, declined) and no other payment is received, a late fee of $15 will be applied. 

8. A $29 fee will be charged for returned cheques or declined transaction.

9. If two consecutive returned declined transactions occur then the remainder of the year's fees MUST be paid in full.

10. KARATE and DANCE Classes will not be pro-rated for absences, whether they are planned or unplanned. Pro-rated classes are available for new students only, who join the class after the beginning of the month. 

11. MUSIC LESSONS will only be credited if administration is given 24 hours notification via e-mail of absence, otherwise student must pay for the missed lesson.

12. Students with unpaid balances will NOT be allowed in class.

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